With over 20 years experience in CNC manufacturing, and over 60,000 hours in CAD/CAM we have the answers! Our focus is on machining flat sheet materials including most plastics, most non ferrous metals, MDF and other timber products .

A-Grade Signage is happy to provide our services at the CAD/CAM stage of your design right through to CNC machining of prototype parts. Displays or flat-pack products; short, medium or large production runs are easily handled with three shifts running. We understand market demands, competition speed and of course confidentiality; you will feel confident in reaching your target goals.

Click on the category buttons below to see examples of our high precision, CNC machine manufacturing various production parts and samples of some of the items we have manufactured.

We are happy to provide a quote on all of your CNC requirements. Select 'Request Quote' from the main menu, send us your job specifications, and we will work with you to decide the best design, material and manufacturing process'.


See examples of our previous projects. As these are vastly varied, from snow boards to key rings and horticultural products and 4WD drawers, our CNC nesting based manufacturing will make your project a success.


Understanding the clients needs and quickly and effectively transforming them into reality. Time, budget and quality - that's our guarantee!