Designed & Manufactured In-House


In addition to our off-the-shelf selection of stencils, The Stencil Place also specialise in the design and munufacture of custom stencils.

Whether it be your company, your sports club or any other organisation, our design team can convert your text/logo into a stencil format. These can then be scaled up or down to provide custom marking of tools, packaging, car parking spaces or just about anything you may want to mark with your text/logo.

Due to the vast variety of designs incorporated in logo's etc, it is sometimes difficult to reproduce an exact stencil version of your logo. However, our experienced design team will, in most instances, be able to stylise the design, and come up with a design which depicts your logo more than adequately.

Simply click here or on "Request Quote" in the main menu, send us your requirements, and we'll get back to you with a quote promptly.

See below for some examples of custom stencils we have designed and manufactured previously.

From Artwork to Stencil

An example of how we modify your artwork to manufacture
a stencil and how it looks when used.

Multi Layer/Multi Color
Multi Layer/Multi Color

 Multi-Layer that use 2 or more stencils applied one after the other to achieve a multi colored result.


Corporate Logo's converted from your artwork.


Stencils using our standard stencil font.


Custom Shipping Marks.


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