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A little bit of history...

The Stencil Place started life back in 1986 as Square One Engraving. It was started by Michael and his father Isaak Masion (born in Russia, and emigrated to Australia in 1980).

Back then, we were a small engraving company, who after a few years, started designing and manufacturing architectural signage as well.

In 1988 the business moved to Moorabbin and we invested in our first large format CNC router. This was one of the first machines of its type in Melbourne, and heralded a technological revolution. Michael becomes the General Manager, and we changed our name to A-Grade Signage.

In 2004 the factory moved to Ferntree Gully and then to Bayswater.

Whilst we had been designing and manufacturing stencils since day one, in 2006, the decision was made to transition into stencils and away from signs.

From there, we have gone from strength to strength, and have gone on to become one of Australia's biggest stencil manufacturers, making everything from Road Marking Stencils down to Coffee Stencils. No to mention our own, in-house designed, iLOCK Interlocking Stencil System.

And then....

As of December 1st, 2016, our long term Production Manager, Tim Love, has moved up, and gone into partnership with Michael. We are now trading as The Stencil Place.



There is an old saying in manufacturing....

When you, the customer, orders a job, you usually have 3 options to choose from, but you can only choose 2.

Your options are:

1. Fast turn-around.        2. Better price.        3. High quality.

So, you have to pick 2 from this list. What do you get?

 - Fast and Better Price...but the quality may not be so good.

 - Fast and High Quality....but it's going to be more expensive.

 - Better Price and High Quality.....but it's not going to be a quick turnaround.


Michael and Tim do not accept this concept as part of The Stencil Place's business structure, nor their attitude to customer service.

They strive to ensure that every job, manufactured for our valued customers, provides High Quality, Competitive Price and a Super Quick Turnaround.


Constant Quality Improvement (CQI)

Instead of being complacent, we are always looking to improve our service, level of finish and offer our customers better prices. This means constantly exploring new ideas, materials and technology.