As one of the oldest and most respected Engraving Companies in Australia we are continuing third generation of engravers in today's complex and changing world.

We have the latest computer equipment, software and fonts and materials, but it's our experience that ensures we always deliver top quality jobs on time and on budget.

Click the category buttons below to see examples of previous plaques, labels, name tags and other engraving jobs. Please click the 'Request Quote' button and send us your requirements. We will then work with your design requirements to give you an accurate quote.

Wood Engraving

Routed timber plaques and signs can be a practical, timeless addition to a park or school as well as classic homes and homesteads and even retail displays. We offer traditional routing as well as the modern 3D engraving for the "chiseled look". Finish can vary from painted to raw timber and the choice of timber is only limited by your budget. See examples in our gallery and contact us for a quote.

Metal Engraving

Brass, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel and composites - just to name some...

Other Engraving

2 Ply Plastic labels/signs
Engraved clear acrylic for 'Edgelit' signs
Much more...Just ask.
PLS NOTE: Due to the commercial/industrial nature of our engraving setup, we are unable to do 'item' engraving.
These items include for example: jewelery and watches, trophies, cups, bowls, cutlery etc.