gravoplyVarious engraved plaques on immitaion aluminium, 2-ply plastic. This is a very cost effective alternative to using real aluminium (or brass). By engraving through the thin top layer into underlying layer (black). Without the need to infill with paint or having to apply decorative finish and lacquer, this is a quick and easy solution that looks great!

arrb-plaque1"Grand Opening" plaque;

Engraved plaque, silver with black text. Imitation aluminium (plastic)

Mounted on polished 6mm black perspex.

promo2Trophy: Timing cover from V12 Jaguar

Material: Polished brass plaque and polished brass cut out letters.
bronze_rotary_01400x600mm Cast Bronze Plaque (this is one of a pair). Rotary International logo in the form of a cog.