Our stencils are made from either Polypropylene Plastic (in 1.5mm, 2mm or 3mm Thickness), or 1.6mm Aluminium.

Custom Stencils can also be ordered in these materials.

Whats the difference?   Which should you choose?

How do I select the thickness I want?


The Stencil Place (formerly A Grade Stencils), has been manufacturing stencils for over 20 years, and in that time we have produced stencils using many different materials.

After extensive testing, we have found the Poly material we use to be the best all-round option for stencils.

Polypropylene provides a good mix of durability, usability and value for money.

It is easy to clean, either with solvents, or peeled when dry.

Aluminium stencils do have the advantage of extended durability, but they are also heavy, easy to bend and kink, harder to clean and much more expensive. In addition, they are hard to transport, from us to you, without incurring damage.

Please read the descriptions below to see which material will suit your needs. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us for further advice.


Option 1:  1.5mm Thick Polypropylene.

This is locally made from recycled materials, and best suited for light duty use and for small to medium stencils (e.g. 25mm high to 600mm high text).

We don't recommended this material for use with commercial line marking paints (Chloro-Rubber etc).#

This material is particularly well suited to stencils for marking:



°Pallets and Crates

°& Similar applications

-with aerosol paints or spray inks.

# For commercial applications, if you require a single/low use 'budget' option, this material is more than adequate, although we cannot gaurantee these stencils, if used with the above mentioned paint types.

Please note: As this material is recycled, the color of the stencils may vary between batches. Therefore, some orders may include stencils of varying colors.


 Option 2:  2mm Thick Polypropylene.

This material is a high quality, European made product, and is best suited for medium to heavy duty use and for medium to large stencils (e.g. 100mm high to 2500mm high letters). It is suitable for use with line marking paints.

It is slightly more rigid that the 1.5mm material and has a high gloss finish for easy paint removal (either wipe off wet, or peel off dry).


 Option 3:  3mm Thick Polypropylene.

This material is the same as the 2mm above, but is for super heavy duty use, and for larger stencils (e.g. 600mm+ high letters - for ease of handling due to extra rigidity).


 Option 4:  1.6mm Thick Aluminium.

We can also manufacturing our stencils, on request, in 1.6mm Aluminium.

Whilst we believe the Poly options are better and cheaper, we also understand that some stencil users prefer this option.


a) Due to the 'vigorous' nature of some couriers, and damage to previous stencils, we have chosen not to offer delivery for aluminium stencils. They are therefore, only available for local pickup.

b) As the price of aluminium tends to vary, we will need to quote on each aluminium order separately. As a result, each quote for aluminium stencils will remain valid for strictly 30 days only.

How To Select The Thickness you need.

 Simply select the product you want, and then select the thickness from the dropdown box as shown below.