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Retail Sign At Ron Leigh's shop.
Size:1200mm x 2400mm Colourbond steel sign.

Materials: 2 colour vinyl cut letters & logos, we use & recommend "3m" brand vinyl for unbeatable outdoor lifespan.

Backing: Colourbond steel (gloss white)
Confection SignColourbond steel signs and A-Frames.
Chubs Sign Shopping centre (food court) sign.

Description: Fabricated Acrylic letters with Neon on Custom Frame.
St Cinnamon SignShopping centre (food court) sign.

Fabricated acrylic letters with neon.

Flames External SignLightbox faces, acrylic and styrene multi-layer logo on weathertex backing.

Awning facia clad in colourbond steel. Red acrylic letters with black drop-shadow (using computer-cut vinyl).

Sharp look, and an amazing transformation gives this old shop new vibrance and life.