Pedestrian Crossing Modular Stencil Set (Zebra Crossing) - 1.5mm

$ 264.00
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Modular Pedestrian Crossing:
This is the quickest and easiest way to apply Pedestrian Crossing stencils.

This stencil set can be used in different configurations to apply various width 'zebra' stripes, 600mm wide and 600mm apart.
Config 1:  4 x stripes @ 1150mm x 600mm
Config 2:  2 x stripes @ 2300mm x 600mm
Config 3:  1 x stripe @ 3450mm x 600mm
Config 4:  1 x stripe @ 4600mm x 600mm


“Quick & Easy!”

Made from our durable Polypropylene plastic, our modular stencils are designed using locating tabs so that the stencil pieces can be easily aligned and assembled.

Then simply tape(*) the joins to hold it together and you're good to go.


Easy to store and transport

All parts un-tape and separate for easy cleaning, transport and storage.

The complete set packs down to approx 1200mm x 600mm.


What you get:

4 x 600mm Divider Strips.

These are used to provide the 600mm gap in between the painted stripes.


4 x 200 Divider Strips.

These do the same as the above dividers but are used at the end to give an even 200mm gap from the gutter to the first stripe.


8 x Joiners (4 x 'male' & 4 x "female').

These are used to space the above dividers at 600mm apart and provide oversparay protection along the sides.


(*) Please note: Tape not supplied in kit. 50mm masking tape is recommended.